Google Accessibility

Google Apps and Related Services

Google has been hard at work in implementing accessibility features across their entire product line. Below you will find useful links pointing to the accessibility help pages found on Google's web sites.

Google Calendar

Create and share calendars and events.

Google Classroom

Classroom helps teachers and students stay organized, communicate with their class, and go paperless.

Google Chrome Browser

The Chrome browser supports screen readers and magnifiers, and offers people with low vision full-page zoom, high-contrast color and extensions.

Google Contacts

View and edit your contacts on your computer.

Google Docs

Create, edit, and share documents.

Google Drawings

Create, edit, and share drawings.

Google Drive

Google Drive makes it possible to store, create, and share files on your computer or mobile device.

Google Forms

Create, edit, and share forms.

Google Gmail

Designed with accessibility in mind, Gmail is compatible with several popular screen readers.

Google Groups

Use Google Groups to create and manage email lists.

Google Hangouts

Invite a sign language interpreter to any Google+ Hangout.

Google Photos

Organize and find your photos.


Share links, videos, pictures, and other content with people who share your interests.

Google Search

Search and navigate the web, open apps, get directions and more, all hands-free.

Google Sheets

Create, edit, and share spreadsheets.

Google Sites

Use Google Sites to create and share websites.

Google Slides

Create, edit, and share presentations.


Easily add or edit captions for your videos with YouTube’s in-line caption editor.

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