Test your website for accessibility

The IT Accessibility team has been hard at work providing presentations around the campus to faculty, staff and students centered around web accessibility. The goal of these presentations are to introduce the need and importance of web accessibility around the campus, introduce the team as the resource for establishing accessibility, plus introduce some of the free website accessibility validation tools available for everyone.

A simple way to quickly test your site for accessibility is to try the No Mouse Challenge. Using only your keyboard, can you access all features, operate all buttons, sliders, and other controls and easily tell where you are on the page?

Browser Plug-Ins

Use these plug-ins to check your overall website accessibility:


  • WebAIM Color Contrast Checker - quickly check the color contrast ratio through the use of this tool.
  • Sa11y - open-source accessibility checker geared towards content authors.

Request access to DubBot

DubBot is the UArizona's tool for crawling your website and providing an accessibility report. Request access through our IT Accessibility Consultation Request Form.

Screen Readers

Want to try your site with a screen reader? Free Screen reader options include: 

Make sure you view Deque University's Screen Reader Keyboard Shortcuts to learn how to navigate while using a screen reader.

Additional Resources

Disability Resources (DRC) is YOUR resource for ensuring accessible content!

For Support or Consultation: