Automatic, Machine-generated, Captions

Believe your video content is already captioned? Check again! 

  • To check your videos, enable captioning and watch the words that are displayed as your video plays. 
  • Many services provide "automatic" machine-generated captioning, more details are found in the information on this page. 
    • *Note: Auto-captions must be verified for accuracy and are not sufficient for an accommodation request. 
  • If there are mistakes, correct the captions or request captioning from one of the UArizona captioning vendors.  
  • Use our Captioning Decision Guide to determine if auto-captions will work for your content.

Auto-generated, live-streaming captions/transcriptions 

Video on how to turn on auto-generated captions


  • Live Auto Transcription *Not a substitute for true professional captions/ disability accommodations for communication access.* 
    • As part of Arizona's Zoom non-HIPAA platform, Zoom meeting hosts can now enable a machine-generated transcript for their meetings for free:
      • Select the "Live Transcript" option in the zoom meeting toolbar. 
      • Choose the "Enable Auto-Transcription" under the Live Transcript section of the pop-up menu. 
      •  Once enabled, users can turn the live transcript on/off for their own view.
  • 3Play Media
  • Maestra (alternate languages, free)
  • Zoom Live Captions
  • Verbit Live Room

MS Teams: 

MS PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 can transcribe your words as you present and display them on-screen as captions in the same language you are speaking 


  • You can now enable Live Caption in any Chrome browser deployment. Find the Live Caption setting under Chrome > Settings > Advanced > Accessibility > Live Caption.  
    • The audio does not need to be in a video. The option to customize the caption size and appearance is available as well.  
    • According to Google, this will even work when the content is muted or being played offline.


Adding and Editing Auto-captions and transcription of recorded media 

**Editing is a must to ensure accuracy if you are using these auto-generated options. 

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