A Return on your Investment

Good practice regarding audio/video material:

  • Captioning benefits deaf and hard of hearing individuals, non-English speakers, those with learning disabilities, visual learners and all users in a noisy environment
  • Captions and transcripts make audio material searchable.
  • Departments should purchase only audio/video materials that include captioning. 
  • University departments that create audio/video content should include plans for captioning as a part of the original production. This includes building the cost of captioning into the project's budget.
    • Projects that are created using a script can be captioned inexpensively, and it is generally less expensive to add captions from the onset rather than adding them after the fact when a request is received. Contracting with a professional firm to complete the captioning is recommended. View vendor information and tools and tutorials
    • Note: Don't forget, public videos posted by UArizona must be captioned.

Captioning improves user experience

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